Great Migration Wildebeest Africa Revealed
16 Mar

Great Migration

As a luxury experiential travel company designing unforgettable journeys on three different continents, we are experts at making people’s lifelong bucket list aspirations come true. Each and every day, we are most fortunate to be able to witness the magic and emotion of people’s dreams...

Disconnect on Safari Africa Revealed
31 Jan

Disconnecting on Safari: Why we do it

According to “The Future 100: Trends for 2017” published by the J. Walter Thompson Intelligence’ Innovation Group, the technological revolution has produced two simultaneous trends that are both increasing, yet pulling in opposite directions: On the one hand, a desire to disconnect from the constant...

15 Nov

The Gift Of Sight

Do you believe in guardian angels? We do and this story pays tribute and gives heartfelt thanks to some kind-hearted everyday angels that selflessly changed the life of Andrew Paipai, one of our butlers at &Beyond Kichwa Tembo. When former General Manager and long-time &Beyonder, Magdelle...