Defined by remoteness, the peaceful ways of some of the oldest tribes on earth and the vast, ever changing sand dunes of the Namib Desert, Namibia is the epitome of true solitude. This is where you will want to escape to when you’re drowning in the noise of society. In fact, your soul is begging you to.

Conquer the world’s highest sand dunes

The widely photographed Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert contains rare elements that will both inspire and excite you. Your inner artist will delight in the intensely beautiful contrasting colours of clear blue skies, rust-red sand dunes and bleached white salt pans. And your inner conqueror will be thrilled by the challenge to climb some of the world’s highest sand dunes.

Meet the Himba people, who are truly untouched by society

Our guides can also arrange a face-to-face with the fascinating Himba’s, an isolated tribe of just 50,000 people whose traditions that date back to the 16th century, are still in practise, to this day.

See one-of-a-kind wildlife species

Namibia is home to a multitude of wildlife species, some of which you will find nowhere else on earth.

  • Desert elephants and desert lions of the Hoanib
  • Huge colonies of Cape fur seals and brown hyenas on the Skeleton Coast
  • The world’s largest population of free roaming black rhino in the Kaokoveld
  • Gemsbok, springbok, lions and elephants of Etosha National Park

Experience it any way you like

With Africa Revealed guests can float over the vast sand dunes of the Namib in a hot air balloon or track the highly endangered black rhino on foot. Namibia is a great addition to your safari itinerary. Talk to us so we can design a tour just for you.

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