Great Migration Wildebeest Africa Revealed

Great Migration

As a luxury experiential travel company designing unforgettable journeys on three different continents, we are experts at making people’s lifelong bucket list aspirations come true. Each and every day, we are most fortunate to be able to witness the magic and emotion of people’s dreams coming true. Aren’t we lucky?!

Witnessing East Africa’s incredible Great Migration is perhaps one of the most popular requests. Undeniably one of Africa’s most sought-after adventures, the annual wildebeest migration is truly a once-in-a lifetime experience that should be on every wildlife enthusiast’s bucket list.

The constant movement of grunting gnus across the vast Serengeti/Mara plains consists of more than 1.5 million wildebeest, 500 000 zebra, 18 000 eland and 200 000 Thompson’s gazelle, all in relentless pursuit of lush new vegetation to graze. Of course the enormous herds of thundering hooves are forever being stalked by predators lurking nearby, giving onlookers the most jaw-dropping, action-packed wildlife sightings.

Come and witness the dramatic and awe-inspiring Great Migration with us … it’ll give you a ‘gnu’ lease on life!

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