Private Guiding

At Africa Revealed our private guiding services are inspired by you. Having a private guide accompany you on your journey through Africa is a huge benefit, and will ensure an incredible trip. What sets us apart is that we put you in direct contact with your private guide – long before you even set foot on the continent. This way you will feel at ease about your upcoming journey, and have a friendly face, that you have already spoken to, waiting to greet you on arrival. This also allows us to know more about what you are looking to see and experience on your trip, and the private guide is able to ensure your needs and desires are met. We thereby ensure that we bring your idea of a dream African safari to life – beautifully and expertly.

Complete peace of mind… With one of our professional guides by your side, you can eliminate all those daunting elements of visiting a foreign country. We are there to make sure your safety is priority and ensure that your stay in Africa will be nothing but one incredible adventure; right through from arrival – to departure.

Continuity throughout… Avoid hearing the same stories or information being repeated from different guides along the way. Having a private guide allows you to learn more and more from the different areas you have visited, and links various sightings from previous destinations. This way you receive the most out of your trip, ensuring there is continuity on your entire safari.

Getting the most out of a safari… Our guides have been guiding guests for many years, in many different areas. Everyone is different, and we know that. The guides adjust to your needs and requirements, and know what you are looking for. They will pass on valuable tips, so that you may get the most out of your holiday. There is always a helping hand and someone to give you advice when you need it. Just ask us, we are there to make it unforgettable!

Enjoy the best the country and its culture has to offer… To truly get to know a country, you need to meet its people, eat its food and experience its culture. Our private guides will enable you to do just that. They are able to recommend the finest wines, dishes to sample, best photo opportunities and local activities you simply have to experience.

Capturing the moment… Our private guides are all experienced photographers, and are willing and able to help you at any stage. From beginners to experts, we will make sure you are in the best position and have the correct settings to capture the moment with a great picture. Ultimately our private guides serve one singular purpose – to look after you.

With all of these reasons, the only question you need to ask yourself is, why have you not had a private guide before?

Our Private Guides

Private Guiding Africa Revealed

Ryan Goncalves

Born in South Africa, Ryan Goncalves was raised in the African wilderness by a family of hospitality and safari industrialists. As a result, he brings unparalleled knowledge and understanding of Africa and her creatures to the table as a private guide.

After obtaining his formal wildlife and guiding qualifications, Ryan completed his practical guides training in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, an area that he has been intimately familiar with since growing up. He then joined his family’s successful group of hospitality businesses, where he had the privilege of gaining hands-on experience of hosting a myriad of VIPS and celebrities from all over the world.

Today, Ryan is also a shareholder of an established game reserve in the well-known Botswana Tuli Block, where he has been personally involved in key wildlife preservation initiatives. Plus he now boasts almost a decade of private guiding experience. Consider Ryan’s history and you’ll quickly realise that he is not just another private guide. On the contrary, wildlife, safaris and entertaining people, are part of who he is – and deeply embedded in his very DNA.

Byron Private Guide Africa Revealed

Byron Serrao

Veteran guide with over 10 years of experience, presenter on National Geographic’s “Safari: Live!” and former finalist in the “South African Safari Guide of the Year” competition, Byron Serrao is globally renowned for his almost intuitive understanding of nature, and the African wildlife in particular.

Inspired by his first experience of the Kruger National Park at the age of 5, Byron entered the hospitality industry at an early age, and obtained his formal qualifications in wildlife and guiding by 2005. His field experience includes being a full-time guide at Londolozi Game Reserve for no less than 5 years. After that Byron ventured into private guiding, where he has been established ever since.

A key differentiator of Byron as a private guide is his exceptional knowledge of wildlife photography and his ability to help both novice and expert photographers to capture those once-in-a-lifetime shots. But ultimately it is his sense of humour, entertaining personality and contagious passion for Mother Nature and all her creatures that make him a private guide of choice for safari enthusiasts from all over the world.

We offer various extras including Hot Air Ballooning and Flying Safaris! 


A truly outstanding experience! We were absolutely thrilled with the entire experience. Your outstanding capabilities to track animals, both on foot and in a vehicle are nothing short of miraculous! . You go to great lengths to make sure your guests get the best viewings and the best experience possible. We can’t wait to return. Ryan thank you again, for a once in a life time experience!

Michael Koff and Sylvia Bosanac ,
Toronto, Canada

From one surprise to another and I don't know how, but the Byron-Londolozi team was perfect! Afternoon on a private sun-view deck up in the tree, romantic dinner on your own bungalow-deck, bush-braai with just our group, fantastic locations for sundowners, the expertise of Byron combined with the beauty and style of Londolozi... Lions, leopards, cheetah, ...ALL !!! words! 101% Joy, feeling safe and very, very well taken care of! Mana Pools, Botswana, Kalahari, Kruger NP, it, we'll be back!

- Jürgen, Julius, Sveta & Gilbert,
Austria, Slovakia, Holland

This safari, once again, exceeded my expectations, and a BIG thank you goes to Byron for coming back to the “Bush” to drive me. Byron is simply a very personable man, with incredible bush and animal knowledge.

Ted Swindon,
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

"If you want to SEE Africa you can hire a tour company, or rent some videos-- if you want to EXPERIENCE Africa, you'd best arrange to spend some time with Ryan in the African bush!"

Brian Spirt,
Harwood, Maryland USA